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Friday, January 8, 1999

About Freedom House

Core Values

Authentic, Contemporary Worship
Freedom House will be a “ worship driven church.” We will establish a throne for His presence in our homes, our church and our city. The presence of God is a must.

Ministry Centre
We are not just building a church (we are the church), we are building a ministry centre (Dream Centre-model). Many ministries will be raised up and released.

Team Ministry
Developing a Team with diverse ministry gifting to effectively minister to God, the Church, the city and beyond - Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12/14, Romans 12:1

Every Member a Minister
Every believer is gifted and it is the responsibility of the leadership team to equip and release each one. As much as possible, we will mobilize every believer into his/her destiny

Extravagant Giving
In all areas of life (time/talent/treasures) we will exemplify the character of our extravagantly giving God.

Healthy Small Groups
To assist in relationship building, discipleship, Pastoral Care, Leadership Training, task oriented ministries, etc.

City-Shaping Mentality
Networking, strategizing and partnering with other “life giving” churches to change the spiritual climate over the city with the goal of city transformation

Church Planting
Vision to effectively plant new churches. Continuously completing the cycle of plant, grow, mature and reproduce.

“… go into all the world”-Jesus. Missions teams of all types, making disciples with signs following through lifestyle, servant and event evangelism.

Cultural Relevance
Analyze what’s happening in the culture and develop ministry to effectively reach the culture. This includes, but is not limited to …music, methods of communication, methods of outreach, use of media, etc.

***Anointing and Excellence in Everything***

Freedom… everyone is talking about it!

Babies, teens and adults alike are all crying out for their freedom.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from war, freedom from fear, etc., etc., etc.

What if we told you that the most incredible freedom in the world is available for you right now?

What if we told you that this freedom …is free?

What would you do for your freedom?

Freedom House exists to ensure that everyone God sends our way lives in Freedom. Freedom from the past and Freedom to walk in the destiny He has for your present and future.
A church... yes. But Freedom House is more than that. We're a Ministry Center, where every member has a uniquely destined role in seeing Brantford become a prosperous, thriving, FREE city.

Sound good?

God has provided everything you need to be free. Now, what will you do for your freedom?

Freedom House… there is Freedom!


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